Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby life..

So, as sporatic as I am with this blogging thing...I figured 3 months update is better than the over a year one, right?! Maybe I will be better with this given time. :)
Before I begin... Happy Birthday to my dear friend Renee!!

So, my baby decided to come early! She arrived happy and healthy at 36wks and 5 days. Funny story actually. We were out shopping for houses with our realtor Lynn, who is a wonderful lady! We were in hope of finding a house before the little one came so we didn't have to be out looking with her once she arrived. It didn't seem to work that way though. On the night of May 5th, she was ready to come out!

We had two more houses to look at and it was about 7:30pm in Fridley, MN when I got out of the car and felt very wet all of a sudden. I leaned over and Lynn got out of the car and asked if I was ok, to which I said..."I think my water just broke!" She rapidly said "Oh my goodness, get back in the car!" So I did and I think I was in shock of what to do next. Matt is in the back seat and asked what happened....and said I better call the Dr.

I called the Dr. Office and crazily asked if this was an emergency where I needed to page the on-call doctor, lol, and they said "YES!". So the answering service took the message and had the Dr. call me back, but it wasn't my doctor since he was on vacation. (Of course) So the Dr. told me to get to the hospital when I could. I was 45 min away becuase Lynn had to drive us to get our car at Target the opposite direction first. That was ok, but if anyone has had their water break before the hospital may know that the water doesn't stop coming. (Sorry for the grusome details)

Lynn got us to the car and I stayed put. Matt got in our car and followed Lynn because we were coming from a direction that was unfamiliar with our planned route to the hospital. :) So she kindly got to the emergency entrance since it was after hours (8:30pm) and with the wheelchair, we got to triage safely and next thing I know they were admitting me to deliver our little girl. The nurse got me to the delivery room and said if things don't progress by 6am we will induce you. Well that was enough to scare me and Nora, so thankfully that didn't need to occur! After Lynn made sure we were all ok, she went home to her husband. What an ordeal for her books, huh?! :)

Since I hadn't had the Strep B test done yet in my pregnancy I needed to be on antibiotics to be safe. It took them 4 tries to get the needle in my vein, thank you very much! By 12:30am I needed some relief of the pain and had a shot of a narcotic and was dialated to about 3. By 2am I needed more, so I ordered the epidural. After 3 tries for the epidural to get in me, it finally worked! So by 3:15am I had relief and was dialated to 8-9. This baby was ready to come out now.. :)

They called the Dr. in to the hospital and about 4:30am the nurse had me start mini pushes to get her in position but the Dr. was not there had to wait. Thankfully I was in no pain due to the medication! Around 5am or so, the Dr. arrived and I was ready to push for good. When her head came out, the cord was wrapped around it pretty good so I had to stop pushing (a not so easy feat if I didn't have the medication again) and they had to cut the cord without daddy's help (Sorry daddy). Then a last push and she was in the world! No cries or anything, I was a little worried at first, but she was fine. APGAR scores were 7s and 8s and she was tiny! 18" and 5lb 8oz with very little hair. :) Mommy came through everything saying that was as easy as pie!

Nora Beth Ross was born at 5:23am at North Memorial Hospital. Welcome to the world, little Miss Nora! Mommy and Daddy Love you!

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